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Elementary Classroom

Learning with augmented reality

The advantages of augmented reality activity pages


Transform learning with augmented reality

ViewMix AR technology enhances the educational experience for children by providing a unique and engaging way to learn. As they complete tasks, the activity pages come to life, rewarding their success and encouraging them to continue their educational journey. Our innovative approach to learning not only improves retention and motivation but also fosters a love for learning.

Identify and reward success

With the help of AR, we create a rewarding educational experience for the children. At the end of the task, the activity page will come to life, give positive feedback to their work, and strengthen their motivation to continue the educational activity.


Reducing frustration and feeling of failure.

Augmented reality coloring pages can effectively reduce frustration and the feeling of failure when coloring outside the lines. This is because we only focus on coloring within the boundaries of the drawing.


Creating interest and excitement in learning.

Our "point to point" activity pages engage children in a fun and challenging way. As they move from one point to another to complete the drawing, they develop their fine motor skills and patience. When they finish the activity and scan the page, they can bring their creation to life in augmented reality and interact with it.


Three-dimensional visual perception

Our activity sheets also help develop three-dimensional visual perception and geometric understanding. These skills are essential for success in middle school but can be difficult for both students and teachers to learn and teach. Our sheets use augmented reality to illustrate complex geometric shapes in a way that is both engaging and interactive, helping students to better understand the material.

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